Cowlicks, especially in the fringe, can be a major nuisance. Fortunately, Sam Villa has some simple steps that will allow you to manage those problematic growth patterns & cowlicks, giving YOU control over your hair. Let's get started.

Check out this video and to learn how to cut the perfect fringe!

Remember, not all cowlicks are created equal.

Some are easy to manage and some can feel impossible to handle (think about those that grow in a complete circular pattern).

Cowlicks are typically found in three areas of the head:
1. the fringe,
2. the crown and
3. the nape.

These pesky growth patterns can affect the way you style your hair, create volume in your crown area and even the way the neckline appears.

So how can you alter growth patterns or cowlicks? Sam has discovered a simple technique that will allow you to take control back.

Begin by picking up your professional comb and professional blow dryer.

For this technique you will be working with the fine teeth of the comb to compress the hair giving you maximum control over the cowlick.

Working with your blow dryer on medium to high heat, begin to comb the fringe area with the fine teeth of the comb from right to left - toward your face, following with the nozzle of the blow dryer. 

Repeat this 2-3 times and then switch the direction from left to right, again working down toward your face. You will discover that you are creating an "X" pattern.

The motion and repetitiveness of the "X" pattern will confuse the hair as to which way it should lay, disrupting the growth pattern and allowing it to lay the way you like it.

Do you have similar problems in the nape area?  No problem! 

Just work with the fine teeth of the comb to compress the hair and follow with your blow dryer in the direction you want the hair to lay. 

Repeat this until the hair along the neckline lays how you want it.

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