You're gonna dig this haircut technique for men with short hair!

Men's Haircut Technique - Blending Shear Over Comb

Have you ever had a male client tell you "I love the texture of my hair about 10-14 days after you cut it?"

Executing the blending shear over comb technique utilizing the reversible blending shear positioned with the blunt blade on the bottom will give your client the texture they are looking for when they walk out of the salon! End result is no hard lines - just soft texture!


Tools Required For This Techniques:

Blending Shear Over Comb Technique:

Use this scissor over comb on your male guests that want a more contoured shape. The advantage of using the blending shear is that when the hair grows out it will create a lived in texture that will look great as it grows out.

Remember to open and close the shear quickly as your comb moves slow to achieve the best results.