For a smooth and professional finish, Sam Villa suggests sectioning when blow drying.

There'’s a reason why stylists section their clients’ hair when finishing, it provides more control with the brush, tension, heat, airflow and direction. You can get the same skilled shiny finish at home...if you section properly.

Section Your Hair

Sectioning Tips

  • Divide the head into four quadrants and section out each quadrant –start at the bottom of the neck and work your way up.
  • Use clips to hold extra hair out of the way.
  • Never take a section that’s wider than your brush.
  • Section depth should be about 1” to 1 ½” depending on density.
  • Hold the brush in your writing hand and the blow dryer in the other hand about ½” apart.
  • Position the blow dryer parallel to the brush – NEVER put the nozzle directly on the brush, it will burn the blow dryer motor out, damage brush bristles and burn hair.

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Now that you have discovered the trick behind sectioning your hair, learn how to avoid causing damage to your hair for a complete flawless finish! Learn more here.