DON'T LET YOUR SHEAR CONTROL YOU! There are many professional shears on the market that enable you to extract weight and what you may not know is that you really only need 2 shears to do so!

Sam teaches us that we do not need a "chunky gapped" shear to create texture as this type of shear predetermines the amount of hair that will be released. YOU need to be in control, not the shear!

The shear with the wide gaps is often called a Texturizing shear and Sam shows us how a regular, long blade shear can do the work instead of spending the money on another shear.

You want to use a long blade for this technique as you will be weaving your sections (yes, weaving, as you would with a tail comb for foiling) to create CONTROLLED gaps. Let's say the hair is fine and you want to texturize the heavier areas:

  • Pick up your section.
  • Open your shear and working with your guiding blade, weave out the hair you want to remove.
  • Now close your blade (it's that simple!). The more hair you weave out, the more you cut!


If the hair has more density, weave more aggressively. Don't worry about cutting marks, as you will not see them! It's all about the weaving process - YOU control what you take out!

As for a "Thinning" shear or what Sam likes to refer to as "Blending" shear - maybe you do not want to take out 32% of the hair (which is typically how much hair these types of shears remove) maybe you want to take out less - and you can do just that with Sam's Reversible Blending Shear!

One side is blunt and the other side has 42 teeth with "v" shaped ends for softness:

  • Pick up your section.
  • Open the shear working with the blunt blade, weave out the amount of hair you want to remove.
  • Now close your blade.

Once again, YOU are in control of how much hair is to be removed, not the shear!