In addition to the bob haircut continuing to trend in 2024, The Cub Cut gives stylists new edgy inspiration for short styles this season. Sometimes referred to as “the Wolf Cut’s younger sister,” the Cub Cut is versatile and playful thanks to its soft layers and lines. 

Originally made popular by 60s style icons like Jane Birkin and Jean Shrimpton, this look has gained traction this year with Wednesday star Jenna Ortega. This time, with a more rebellious streak, the haircut features shoulder-grazing lengths and shag-inspired layers for a highly-textured and line-free finish. So if your guest is ready to go shorter but wants an alternative to a Bob, Lob or Bixie — the Cub Cut is ideal! 

“The Cub Cut has heavier fringe that tapers into sides that are heavily layered so you can get a ton of volume, height and movement,” explains Becka Bradshaw, Sam Villa Ambassador @beckabradshaw. “What makes this modern, is the hair is styled forward versus back like in the 60’s versions,” she adds. 

Watch the full tutorial by Becka Bradshaw below or keep reading to see the top tips when creating The Cub Cut. 



Tips & Techniques for Cutting the Cub Cut 

Fringe Should Be a Focal Point

  • The fringe becomes a focal point of establishing confidence with this cut, so always begin here.
  • When making a big change, your guest will notice what they see in the mirror first, and in this case it’s the fringe. For that reason, cutting the fringe first helps the guest establish trust and will relax them.
  • Sometimes when cutting hair dry, the bevel is minimized, to enhance this use a Sam Villa Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron to establish another bevel so fringe looks finished. The guest can then admire their bangs while the rest of their hair is being cut.


Enhance Full Layers with The Sam Villa Artist Series 6.25” Shear

  • Elevation and over direction with just 4 sections creates the full layers. To highlight cheek bones, create a guide that lines up and slide Sam Villa Artist Series 6.25” Shear slightly down the hair strand cutting on the way to create a really soft guide. The reason why you should use these shears is that they have an ample blade length to handle the larger sections.
  • Soft zigzag sections and over-direction are key. By over directing each of the 4 quadrants back over the head to the opposite quadrant, it will help create softness in the cut. By building in these soft lines, it will save time because you won’t have to go back and texturize/soften after.


The Side Sections Create a Playful Finish

  • Use diagonal back sections over directed slightly forward and combine this with channel cutting to create separation and playfulness in the cut. What this does is ensure the shape can be molded without a ton of product. This is because of the air pockets created with the cutting technique. Then, use The Sleekr Iron to accentuate the flick on the bottom, giving a playful flair.


Shop Tools to Get the Look:

Sam Villa Artist Series 6.25%u201D Shear

Sam Villa Artist Series 6.25” Shear

Sam Villa Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron

Sam Villa Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron




“These techniques can be used together to achieve this look or separately to create other styles,” says Bradshaw. “Creativity lives in your head and heart, use these tools and techniques for whatever you want to design!”


Cover Image Credits: Model shot courtesy of @beckabradshaw.