Brush Cleaner


Extend the life of your valuable brushes by keeping them clean. This 2-in-1 brush cleaner features hard angled teeth for hair removal and long bristles to sweep away product residue. It’s perfect for quickly cleaning your brushes between guests or at the end of the day. Keep your tools in top condition with our all-purpose Brush Cleaner.

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SKU: 40017 Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details

Extend the Life of Your Brushes

Your brushes are a major investment in your career. Get the most out of them by keeping them clean. Regular use of the Sam Villa Brush Cleaner will extend the life of your tools so they serve you for longer. Clean brushes also present a professional image to your guests and maintain good hygienics in the salon. The Brush Cleaner works on all brush types.

Remove Hair and Product Residue

Hard angled teeth quickly remove tangled knots of hair around the base and bristles of your brush. The teeth pick up all the hair, leaving no strands on the brush. Long bristles penetrate to the base of the brush to sweep away product or styling aid residues.

Teasing Brush

Pick up an extra Brush Cleaner to use as a teasing brush! It works to tease, back-comb and lift the hair.