Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer


Create smoother, shinier blowouts in less time. An ultra-powerful motor gives you the heat and air flow you need to dry hair faster. Control the temperature, speed, and even the ions with the touch of a button. Add polish and shine to coarse hair, or turn off the ions to give fine hair more volume. Protect your back and shoulders with a tool that is lightweight and comfortable to hold all day. Feel the difference with our Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer.

  • For use in the US, Canada and Mexico only. We regret we are unable ship this dryer outside of North America.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Features a powerful AC motor that is designed to last and outperform the competition.
  • Ion on/off switch for perfect results. Deactivate ions when blow drying on base to rough up the cuticle, creating more volume. Activate ions when blow drying mid shaft to ends to create shine, add polish and reduce fly aways.
  • Curved comfort grip handle places your hand in an ergonomically correct position for all day use and reduced muscle strain.
  • Controls offer 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings & a press and hold cool shot button.
  • Includes 2 rotating nozzles: a heat focused nozzle that provides a greater concentration of heat - great for a super polished finish, and a speed focused nozzle designed for maximum air flow - excellent for wrap drying and speed drying techniques.
  • Deep-bowl diffuser (sold separately), that reduces frizz and maintains the natural curl pattern on wavy and curly hair.
  • Professional 9' memory resistant cord that doesn't tangle or twist.
  • Removable filter unlocks easily to facilitate effortless cleaning.
  • Replacement nozzles, diffusers and dryer-back covers with mesh filter available
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SKU: 50015
Color: Black
Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details

Better Blowouts in Less Time

Do you spend way too long blow drying thick or curly hair? The Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer was designed to work efficiently on even the most challenging hair types. A full-sized AC motor provides focused heat and maximum air flow to dry hair faster. Choose the perfect temperature for every guest with three heat settings, two speed settings and a cool shot button to lock in shine. Two rotating nozzles and a deep-bowl diffuser (sold separately) let you direct the heat exactly where you want it.

Turn Ions On and Off

Control the ions in your blow dryer with the flip of a switch! Activate ions to add shine and eliminate static and frizz. Deactivate ions to rough up the cuticle, giving your fine-haired guests the volume and texture they desire.

All-Day Comfort

Lifting a heavy blow dryer puts a lot of stress on our arms, back and shoulders. The Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer packs intense power into a lighter dryer that is comfortable to hold all day. A curved comfort grip handle keeps your hand in a natural, neutral position for reduced muscle strain.