Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear


Feel the difference with this incredibly powerful blending and texturizing shear. Extract more weight with every cut. Create stunning texture in less time. Say goodbye to hard lines. Each of the 42 curved teeth on our Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear has a V shaped tip to capture and remove more hair. Blend faster and more confidently than ever before with a shear designed to support your craft.
  • Ideal for scissor over comb work
  • Designed to extract weight and control texture
  • Radial tooth pattern eliminates bluntness and combs out easily
  • 42 teeth for light to moderate weight removal in the hair
  • Dual finger rests allows for changing cutting position by flipping the shear
  • Convex blades provide the smoothest, longest lasting cut available - these type of blades are the same as our Signature Series Shears
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SKU: EssentialSeriesReversibleBlender
Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details


The 42 teeth on the Signature Series Reversible Blender are arranged in a radial pattern to eliminate weight with every cut! Blend faster and more confidently than ever before with a shear designed to support your craft.


Texturize and blend with exceptional control while protecting your hand and wrist. This reversible shear features dual finger rests that allow you to flip the shear, so you can cut in different directions with ease. No more twisting your wrist into uncomfortable positions to place the solid blade where you want it. Keep your wrist in a safe, neutral position and cut with the teeth up or down to influence the direction of the hair.


Our unique dual finger tang stabilizes the top blade allowing for straighter, more precise lines using just the thumb blade.