Reversible All-Purpose Cape


Keep your guests comfortable and protected while you create beautiful styles. Your cape is the first tool you reach for during an appointment-- it should be durable, attractive and professional. Our Reversible All-Purpose Cape is black on one side and silver on the other, giving you the perfect contrast for both light and dark hair. High-tech, lightweight material protects your guest from water, bleach and chemicals. The extra-large size and adjustable snap neck closure ensure a comfortable and secure fit for every guest. Set yourself up for styling success with our Reversible All-Purpose Cape.

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SKU: 70017
Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details

Contrast for Easier Styling

Style both light and dark hair without squinting! Our unique reversible design gives you the contrast you need to see your guest’s hair clearly, every time. Use the silver side to style dark hair, then flip the cape around and use the black side for lighter hair.

Perfect Fit and Full Coverage

This extra-large cape drapes neatly over your chair and provides full coverage to protect your guests’ clothing. An adjustable snap neck closure ensures the cape fits each guest correctly. Cut hair glides smoothly off the cape for a neat and professional cutting experience.

Lightweight Material

The Reversible All-Purpose Cape is lightweight and cool to keep your guests comfortable in the chair. The premium high-tech material is waterproof, chemical resistant and bleach resistant. It protects your guests while you work and cleans off easily.