Signature Series Tail Comb


Tease. Backcomb. Section. Highlight. Straighten. Smooth.

This versatile tail comb can do it all. Silicone material and a sleek design provide an ultra-smooth, snag-free glide. Curl or flat iron hair with confidence-- this comb is heat resistant up to 450°, so it won’t bend or melt. The narrow teeth create gorgeous volume when you tease the hair, and the long tail gives you precision control for sectioning and foil work.

Discover a world of creative possibilities with our Signature Series Tail Comb.

  • Overall dimensions: 8.5" long x 1" wide
  • Length of pick: 4.25"; Length of teeth: 4.25"
  • Sophisticated computerized molds eliminate all parting lines and guarantee perfect symmetry between each tooth
  • Quality design for effortless combing without snagging or dragging
  • Silicone provides the smoothest glide possible
  • Graphite resins are added for strength and flexibility
  • Carbon fibers provide heat resistance up to 450 - ideal for iron work
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Product Details

No-Melt Heat Styling

Use your Tail Comb with your flat iron to style fringe, create smooth finishes, and more. Carbon fibers provide heat resistance up to 450°, so you can safely place your comb right up against your iron. This durable comb won’t melt, bend or overheat. For quick and simple curls, wrap the hair around the tail of the comb and apply heat with your Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron.

Massive Volume

Create carefree texture or eye-catching volume. The narrow teeth on the Signature Series Tail Comb are perfect for teasing and backcombing all hair types.

Comb, Section and Foil

Comb smoothly through all hair types with NO snags, drag or pull. Silicone material and a sleek design create an effortlessly smooth glide. The long tail and parting pick give you added control for clean, precise sections. This tail comb is ideal for using with foils.

Contrast With Light Hair

Use your black comb to section, color and style light-colored hair. The contrasting color helps you see your work clearly for greater precision.