Signature Series Swivel Dry Cutting Shear


Imagine dry cutting with ease and precision. No tiny sections, no pull, no drag, no elbow or shoulder pain. This shear will transform the way you work. Powerful sword blades cut effortlessly through large sections of hair, making it the ideal tool for dry cutting and condensed cutting techniques. Meanwhile, the ergonomic handle protects you from injury by keeping your elbow in a safe downward position. Create exceptional styles with our Signature Series 7" Dry Cutting Shear.

  • Blade length from tip to pivot point: 3.5"
  • Weight: 2.75oz.
  • Constructed from 100% Japanese molybdenum alloy
  • Sword blade design and balanced weight is excellent for deep point cutting and layering techniques and condensed cutting.
  • Provides swivel thumb benefits of added flexibility and increased comfort and control
  • Rotating crane handle lets you cut with your elbow down in every cutting position
  • Handcrafted convex blades that start out sharper and hold their edge longer than typical machine beveled blades
  • The forward set thumb puts the hand in a natural, neutral position for reduced strain injuries
  • The edge life is extended with the leaf spring tension system
  • Polymer lining in the pivot point eliminates the metal on metal grinding of the shears
  • Can be used to cut hair wet or dry
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SKU: SignatureSeriesDryCuttingSwivelShear
Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details

Glide Effortlessly Through Dry Hair

Cut through compressed sections of hair quickly and easily. The 7” Dry Cutting Swivel Shear features a power ridge on the top of both sword blades that allows the blades to slide smoothly through wet and dry hair. No dragging, pulling or tugging. Ever. It’s perfect for creating a clean, straight edge in thick or coarse hair.

Deep Point Cutting

Longer blades allow you to reach deep into the hair to create bold, eye-catching layers. This shear is your go-to tool for deep point cutting and texturizing techniques.

Protect Your Body

Do you feel tension in your thumb, wrist, elbow or shoulder when dry cutting? Do you suffer from carpal tunnel or other repetitive strain injuries?

If so, then get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Our 7” Dry Cutting Swivel Shear is designed to produce maximum results with minimum input from your body. Instead of twisting your shoulder to get the blades where you need them, relax your elbow at your side and simply rotate the swivel thumb ring. Keep your wrist straight and your hand in a safe, natural position with the forward-set thumb crane handle. Stay healthy behind the chair so you can keep doing what you love.