Signature Series 8 Piece Comb Set with Case


Whether you’re just starting out as a stylist or you’re already building your dream career, set yourself up for success with all the combs you need for better haircuts and sleeker finishes.

Crafted from carbon fibers, silicone and graphite resins, the Signature Series combs provide an ultra-smooth glide and are heat resistant up to 450°. The parting pick on each comb lets you create clean, precise sections. With four comb designs (Short, Long, Wide, and Tail) you’ll have the perfect tool for every hair type right at your fingertips. Each comb comes in both black and ivory, giving you maximum contrast for all hair colors.

The deluxe carrying case keeps all of your combs together, at the salon or on the road. Create confidently with our Signature Series 8 Piece Comb Set.

  • Sophisticated computerized molds eliminate all parting lines and guarantee perfect symmetry between each tooth
  • Quality design for effortless combing without snagging or dragging
  • Silicone provides the smoothest glide possible
  • Graphite resins are added for strength and flexibility
  • Carbon fibers provide heat resistance up to 450 - ideal for iron work
  • Combs pack in a deluxe carrying case - perfect for your station at the salon or for traveling on the road
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Product Details

Easy Travel and Storage

Protect your combs at the salon, or pack them for safe and easy travel! This 8-piece set includes two of each Signature Series comb – one in black and one in ivory:

  • Short Cutting Comb - Use for intricate detail cutting and scissor over comb work
  • Long Cutting Comb - Section, cut and flat iron long hair with ease
  • Wide Cutting Comb - Create the perfect tension for cutting and styling naturally curly hair
  • Tail Comb - Tease, backcomb, section, flat iron and use with foils
  • Whether you travel for on-site work or you just like to keep your work station organized, you’ll love the deluxe carrying case. Each comb type slides neatly into its own pocket, so the teeth stay clean and separated. No more tangled combs in the bottom of your drawer!

Contrast With Light or Dark Hair

Each of the four comb designs comes in both black and ivory to give you the maximum visual contrast for all hair colors. Use the black combs for light-colored hair, and the ivory combs for dark hair. The contrasting color helps you see your work clearly for greater precision.

No-Melt Heat Styling

Use your Signature Series Combs with your blow dryer or flat iron to style fringe, create smooth finishes, and more. Carbon fibers provide heat resistance up to 450°, so you can safely place your combs right up against your iron.

Smooth Combing and Sectioning

Comb effortlessly through all hair types without snagging, catching or dragging. The silicone material gives you the smoothest possible glide, and the parting pick on every comb makes sectioning easy and fast.