Artist Series 4-Piece Comb Set with Case


Wherever your career takes you, bring along your favorite Artist Series combs in this convenient carrying case. Use the Handle Comb for shear over comb work and the Detail Comb to achieve a close taper. Both combs are ultra-slim to fit in tight spaces and give you precision control for fine detailing. The elegant case keeps your combs clean and organized, at the salon or on the road. Grab your Artist Series Comb Set and be ready to create exceptional styles wherever you go.

Artist Series Comb Set Case
  • Sophisticated combs combined in an elegant case for protection and convenience
  • Includes black and ivory combs for maximum visual contrast
  • Set includes all four specially designed Artist Series Combs
Artist Series Handle Comb
  • Contoured handle for precise control and ergonomic wrist positioning
  • Thin and flat design from spine to teeth allows for closer contact
Artist Series Detail Comb
  • The perfect union of flexibility and strength for fine detailing
  • Thin design allows for a close taper
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Product Details

Easy Travel and Storage

Keep your combs safe, organized and at your fingertips! This 4-piece set includes the specially designed Artist Series Handle and Detail Combs in black and ivory.

Each comb slides neatly into its own pocket in the elegant black carrying case. The case features a snap closure to protect your tools at the salon, on the road, and during on-site work.

Shear Over Comb Work

Perfect for men’s haircuts, the Handle Comb features a thin and flat design from the spine to the teeth. This lets you place the comb closer to the head for shear over comb and clipper over comb techniques. The Handle Comb is the ideal size for fine detailing around the ears, nape, and other tight spaces where most combs don’t fit.

Close Tapering

The Detail Comb’s thin design lets you achieve an incredibly close taper. Use it for detail work, fading, eyebrows, sideburns and more.

Contrast With Light or Dark Hair

Both comb designs come in black and ivory to give you the maximum visual contrast for all hair colors. Use the black combs for light-colored hair, and the ivory combs for dark hair. The contrasting color helps you see your work clearly for greater precision.