Signature Series Oval Brush


Discover the brush that will take your finishes to new levels. Add polish and shine with a blend of boar and ion-infused nylon bristles. The brush’s oval shape adds tension for incredible lift, volume and movement. With a lightweight bamboo body and rubber texture grip, you can style in comfort all day long. Feel the difference with our Signature Series Oval Brush.

  • Brush diameter: 3.25"
  • Oval brush design for creating maximum volume and lift at the scalp when blow drying
  • Designed by award winning hairdresser and educator Sam Villa for professional results
  • Deluxe bamboo design is lightweight, durable and eco-friendly
  • Extended handle eliminates snagging at the grip and provides extra support at the palm and wrist
  • Inlaid rubber texture grips create added comfort and stimulate circulation
  • Featuring the finest 100% first cut boar bristles — important for distributing natural oils while creating smooth shiny finishes
  • Tourmaline infused nylon fibers create negative ions that penetrate and condition the hair when heat is applied, resulting in shinier, more conditioned hair with less drying time
  • Use with your flat iron or blow dryer to effortlessly dry, bevel, curl and style hair with maximum shine
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SKU: 40012
Size: L


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Product Details

Smooth, Shiny Finishes

Create full, polished blowouts or shiny straight hair in less time. The 100% first cut boar bristles distribute the hair’s natural oils for added softness and shine. The nylon bristles are infused with tourmaline, which penetrates and conditions the hair shaft when used with a heat tool. Get beautiful volume and shine when you dry, flat iron, curl and finish hair.

Lift and Volume

Add body and movement to your blowouts with this oval-shaped brush! The narrow ends of the oval grab the hair and create tension for more lift at the scalp. You’ll love the Large brush for working with longer hair and creating straight looks with lots of volume.

All-Day Comfort

Blow dry, flat iron, and style in comfort. The extended handle gives you space to work and provides extra support to your palm and wrist. This brush is easy to hold all day, thanks to the lightweight bamboo design and inlaid rubber texture grip.