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Professional Shears

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Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear


Signature Series 7" Dry Cutting Shear


Signature Series 6.25" Wet Cutting Shear



Sam Villa Professional Shears Features & Benefits

ergonomic handle

Ergonomic Comfort

Ergonomic crane handle designed to give you incredible precision while protecting your wrist, elbow and shoulder.

handcrafted convex blades

Hot Knife Through Butter

100% Japanese steel and handcrafted convex blades glide smoothly through wet or dry hair and stay sharper longer.

dual finger tang

Greater Precision & Control

Our unique dual finger tang stabilizes the top blade allowing you to cut straighter, more precise lines using just the thumb blade.

The Sam Villa Difference

Sam Villa Shears

Other Shears

forward set thumb ring Forward set thumb ring and crane handle design. offset handle Offset handle causes wrist and shoulder strain.
Our blades are made from Japanese molybdenum alloy. Some types of steel could nick deeper if dropped, forcing you to remove more material to resharpen.
hand honed convex bladesHand honed convex blades start out sharper and stay sharp longer. machine made beveled edgesMachine made beveled edges are not as sharp and dull faster.
Teflon lining in the pivot point eliminates metal on metal wear, which extends the blade's edge life. Excess wear at the pivot from metal on metal contact decreases the blade's edge life.
Stylist, Sam Villa has designed these shears for fellow stylists. Engineers may not take stylist's specific concerns into account.
Unsurpassed customer service and product quality. May be mass produced with lesser quality or concern for customer satisfaction.

Other Shears vs. Sam Villa Shears

Sam Villa Shears

elbow relaxed position

1. Relaxed position with thumbs forward and elbow down

reduced thumb motion

1. Reduced thumb motion

relaxed elbow position

1. Relaxed elbow, shoulder and thumb tendon

Other Shears

elbow forced position

1. Elbow forced into a raised position
2. Stress on thumbs tendom

greater motion needed

1. Greater motion needed to open and close shear

elbow up position

1. Elbow up position
2. Increased stress on elbow, shoulder and thumb tendon

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