Amal Alamuddin landed the sexiest man in Hollywood and George said he wouldn't ever remarry! The Sparkler ethically mined, 7-carat Emerald cut diamond flanked by two tapered baguettes set in platinum is worth $650,000 and was designed by Clooney.

The Hair Amal has unbelievably shiny hair most certainly adorned with oil. Our pick? Redken Diamond Oil! Shatterproof Shine.

  • Get/Give the look:
  • For heat protection evenly distribute Redken Pillow Proof blow dry express primer to wet hair.
  • Next, apply Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine to the driest areas of the hair.
  • Section hair for blow drying with your Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer be sure to use your nozzle for maximum air flow control.
  • Using the Sam Villa 2" Thermal Brush, begin at the nape and glide the brush down on the top of each section, giving a flick up at the ends.
  • Continue with this technique to the parietal ridge.
  • From this point and further up the head (to achieve maximum volume), coming from underneath your sections, over-direct the 2" Thermal Brush and follow through with your dryer.
  • Give a flick under to the ends of the sections.
  • For the Shiniest of Shine - Once again, apply Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine to the hair once it is dry to any frizzy, distressed areas first, then work the remainder of the product through the hair reapply as needed.