Sam Villa utilizes patented Evolution -Turbo Compressor technology to blow stylists away with an ergonomically correct blow dryer that delivers intense power and airflow in a quiet, incredibly light dryer.

The E-T.C. Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer is designed for minimum effort and maximum results. Stylists have been asking me to develop a blow dryer for awhile and I wanted to make sure I could create one that fit into my ergonomic philosophy, especially when it came to the weight and sound.

I was determined to develop a very light and quiet blow dryer that's durable and powerful with an ergonomic handle for all day comfort. The E-T.C. Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer is made exclusively for Sam Villa in cooperation with the GammaPiu Company in Italy, well regarded for their design innovation and top quality performance.

It's compact (only 18 cm long), light-weight (less than a pound) and has a patented Evolution-Turbo Compressor that delivers intense power quietly - all features contributing to an ergonomically correct design that reduces muscle strain for hairdressers.

It has built in ceramic/tourmaline ion generation for maximum shine and frizz reduction, features two heat settings and three speed settings, and a cool shot button to lock in styles and promote luster. Other features include a 10 foot long cord and a removable filter that twists to unlock for easy cleaning.

The E-T.C. Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer also comes with two rotating concentrator nozzles (wide and narrow) and a deep bowl diffuser. I'm educating stylists on how to direct nozzles correctly and it's amazing how many stylists are repositioning their bodies to accommodate the nozzle when they should be repositioning the nozzle to accommodate their bodies. When a nozzle is positioned vertically to the blow dryer, the airflow to the head is minimized and surface area reduced. If a nozzle is turned diagonally, the air will flow around the head hitting a larger surface area, which will dry hair faster.

Watch the video above for more blow drying tips from Sam Villa.

Nozzle Tips

  • Wide nozzles should be used for drying long thick hair to expand the width of the airflow.
  • Narrow nozzles are used for polished finishes when more air concentration is needed.
  • Take the nozzle off for fine hair - it should be blast dried 80% to pump up the cuticle for volume. Then, apply Redken aerate 08 and continue to blow dry with a narrow nozzle and round brush for volume and control.
  • Use a diffuser to dry naturally curly hair to reduce frizz and respect the curl pattern. Apply Redken Fresh Curl Refiner to damp hair first to tame, detangle and control frizz for lasting memory, manageability and shine.