Do you have the courage to cut the back of a BOB by twist cutting the entire section in one cut? Sure you do!! In the video above, Sam shows us how to save time by Twist Cutting in the nape area.

With a little perseverance and practice, you too will soon be utilizing this technique in your day-to-day cuts.

The 7" Dry Cutting Shear is the absolute perfect tool to accomplish this technique as the shear was designed to cut through dry hair with ease.

What you'll learn in this video:

  • Learn hot to create the perfect horseshoe line created by twisting the section.
  • Create over-direction in one simple step!
  • Sam shows us how to create this perfectly curved line by twisting the section for right handed or left handed stylists.

Learn more about Sam Villa professional shears and how the ergonomic benefits can keep your hands, wrist and body in a more comfortable position throughout the day.