Choosing the right brush can reduce styling time and improve results...a bonus when behind the chair, and a necessity when on platform, set or backstage. Sam Villa bases his selection on the technique he’s doing and the desired result.

Round or oval is always a hot debate - oval brushes grab hair at the root and provide more stretch and tension, while round brushes spin easier, so choose accordingly.

There’'s a current trend of using a small round brush with a flat iron as a heat source to create bevel with movement, it'’s so much faster than wetting hair and using a blow dryer! Watch the video below.

For smooth, polished, super-shiny finishes, use a 9 row brush – nothing beats nylon tips set in a non-static pattern for smoothing. If you'’re wrap drying, stick with a paddle brush –the wide surface area detangles, lifts and straightens the best.

Styling brushes are also great for blow-drying and styling because the boar bristles distribute natural oils down the hair shaft for a very polished look. And for those fine hair clients/models, use a vent brush - it helps create lift at the scalp area.

Take a look at our hair brush guide below for tips that may save you time behind the chair.which hair brush does what

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