Many brides-to-be want a look that can easily be transitioned from a more formal style for the ceremony to a more playful style that will stand up to dancing the night away with her other half.  Geneva Cowen, Artist Director for Sam Villa, gives a how to for a look that is pre-set with modern beach waves and then set in a loose up style that can be transitioned in 5 minutes or less for the reception.

“It’s important that both looks are done in a practice session, or two, prior to the big day.  The more formal style for the ceremony should be crafted so it’s easily transitioned to another look for the celebration, and that’s the look the bride-to-be should leave the trial session with in order to get a feel for how it will hold up,” explains Cowen.


  • Prepare the hair with the Professional SLEEKR Iron using the beach wave technique:
  • Establish the part in the area where bride would traditionally wear it and place the flower crown in the hair.
  • Separate the sides from the back with fingers.
  • Separate the back into two sections with fingers.
  • There should now be a total of 4 sections.


  • Begin with the left side section.
  • Twist the section up and away from the face.

beach waves

  • Roll the section up like a soft roll and secure the section with a large hairpin.
  • Place the pin behind the flower crown for support.

Add the perfect accent to your waves


  • Continue with the back two sections.
  • Roll up each section keeping the ends in the center of the section as hair is rolled up.
  • Secure each section with a large hairpin.

Section the hair off before twisting up into a Gatsby

Twist and pin each section along the crown line.

Use hairpins to secure the hair to ensure your upstyle stays in all day long


  • Gently pull the last section away from the face and twist up and away.
  • Roll the section slightly back in a soft roll and secure with a large hairpin. Place the hairpin behind the flower crown for support.

Use a headband to create an upstyle.

Use hairpins to secure your hair

HOT TIP - Do not roll the sections tight, keep it loose so the natural texture is still evident when the hair is taken down and transitioned into the playful look.

A light mist of an anti-humidity hairspray such, as Redken control addict 28 extra high hold hairspray is a lifesaver on the special day to keep the shape from getting frizzy.

Add waves to any upstyle for character and visual interest

Create a 1920's updo with waves

TRANSITION TO PLAYFUL LOOK – (any bride can do it!)

  • Remove the flower crown without disturbing the top of the hair.
  • Beginning on the sides, carefully remove all the pins and unroll each side section.
  • Move directly on to the back without disturbing the unrolled side sections.
  • Carefully remove all the pins and unroll each back section.
  • Turn head upside down and gently shake the hair.
  • Bring the head back up and scrunch any holes with fisted fingers where needed.
  • Finish with Redken control addict 28 extra high hold hairspray for this beautiful look to hold throughout the reception!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Create soft beach waves and accent with a flower crown Photo Credits: Hair: Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director Sam Villa; Photography: Shalem Mathew; Makeup: Keegan Richards; Wardrobe: David’s Bridal; Flowers: Bloomsbury Blooms[/caption]

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