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Andrew Carruthers

Education Director

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“Andrew is an accomplished artist and educator. His devotion to teaching is evident as his goal is for stylists to ‘get it’. His content directly relates to and is immediately applicable to stylists working behind the chair everyday…he is a natural!” – says Sam Villa, Founding Partner of the Sam Villa Brand.

Book a Sam Villa Artist for a class in your salon! Get more info

Andrew Carruthers’ diverse career has been built on a foundation of consistent clientele behind the chair, yet many other focuses feed his soul.

In the past, Carruthers has worked as an educator for companies such as TIGI and Paul Mitchell Advanced Education. From small one-on-one classes to large stages, his love for supporting others and sharing discoveries has been a primary passion since early on.

“When I teach, I have one goal in mind – to hand off information that is useable immediately, regardless of where stylists are located and whether they are an elite hairdresser, a recent beauty school graduate or someone who does hair in a rural area,” explains Carruthers.

Andrew’s award winning photo work shows his regard to explore his artistry and inspire outside of the salon, stage, and classroom. As a co-owner of the NAHA recognized Lunatic Fringe Salon (Salt Lake City, UT), Andrew continues to work behind the chair and shape new hairdressers every day.

Things people may not know about me:

I've ridden over 100,000 miles on my motorcycles over the past 10 years. I've toured most of the Western United States (including Alaska), Western Canada, and parts of Germany, Austria, and Italy. It's my place I find peace and connection with my world I'm actually more introverted naturally. I really had to work hard to become more social when I first started in the hairdressing industry. I've learned to love being around large groups and meeting new people on a regular basis.

The place I'm still happiest is spending time with my wife and our dogs, my family, or my close group of buddies. I enjoy being behind the camera as much as I enjoy preparing a model for a shoot. Photography was a hobby my dad and I shared at a really early age. We mainly shot landscapes and nature back then, which I still try to find time for today. I'm a Non Denominational Ordained Minister and I've performed 10 weddings and baby blessing. All the weddings have been close friends and the one that started it all was my Mom's wedding in Maui back in 2006.

What do I do when I'm not doing hair:

I love wine, whiskey and food! Cooking a killer meal for the people I love and sipping on a unique wine or a rare whiskey is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend my days off. Being outdoors is essential to my soul. It's the main reason I live in Salt Lake City. We can be hiking in the mountains within a 15 minute drive and within a 5 hour drive we have dozens of State and National parks at our finger tips.

Motorcycles are truly my greatest love outside of my family and friends. It doesn't matter if I'm riding, wrenching, or customizing; I literally obsess over 2 wheels when my mind is not on hairdressing or education. I've played music since I was old enough to hold a guitar. Mainly, I've played bass in all the bands I've been in but I also love guitar and drums. My most recent love is my steel guitar... there's something about old southern blues that really speaks to me.

“My passion is artistry and education, so Sam and I have similar philosophies on teaching, I think it’s a perfect fit.”
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