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Disconnected Undercut - How High or Low to Place a Part Line

David Boyd

Author David Boyd | Sam Villa Arteam

One of the most important decisions that you can make when placing disconnection in your undercut shapes is how high or low you take the part.

Probably the most important view that we must consider when placing disconnection is the 90 degrees that our guest sees on a daily basis - when they are looking into a mirror or taking a picture. This is the view that is roughly from ear-to-ear. The other 260 degrees of the haircut is for everyone else to see.

We'’ve made it easy for you to understand where to place your disconnection by breaking it down into 3 ways based on your guest’s silhouette, personality and other important factors:

Option 1: Place the detachment below the round of the head

Placing a part below the round of the head will create a look that expands up and away from the head shape. This style tends to look bolder and more elegant with added shape and texture.

Men's undercut hairstyle below the round of the head

Option 2: Place the detachment directly on top of the round of the head

Placing the part directly on top of the round of the head is the safest place. It allows us to stack the hair above the round of the head in a way that is very close to the head and it gives us a view that is very lean and safe. This option is the easiest for our guests to style at home.

Men's undercut hairstyle directly on top of the round of the head

Option 3: Place the point of detachment above the round of the head

Placing the part above the round of the head creates a look that is very bold and aggressive. Think Macklemore!

Men's high undercut hairstyle with a hard part line

Men's high undercut hairstyle above the round of the head

No matter which of the three options that you choose, it’'s important to understand the silhouette and shape of the head along with the context of the cut. For example, what is the style of your guest? Where does your guest work?  Where is this haircut going to be seen most of the time?

If we understand the context of the cut then we are then able to create a look that is fashionable, easy to style, will suit their personality and it’s going to make sense wherever they are going.

By incorporating a great consultation at the beginning of their appointment, you will be able to provide your guest with a haircut that best suits their needs and personality.

If you have any questions or comments please be sure to leave them in the box below!

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