It's no secret that one of the trendiest hairstyles right now is the men's fade. Fade haircuts are typically short near the nape of the neck and the hair gradually gets longer on the back and sides of the head until its longest point at the top of the head. Every fade is based around one main technique and then is altered to fit the guest's head shape, hair type and personal preference.

Whether your preferred method is to use a razor, scissor over comb, clippers with a guard or clippers with no guard, it's important to plan out which tools to use, where to part the hair and most importantly, the consulatation with your guest to discuss their desired outcome.

Check out the infographic below by that shows 6 popular and modern fade hairstyles. This is a great tool to show your guests when explaining the type of fade they are going for.

HOT TIP: When it comes to fades, comb angle is a key factor. Check out this tutorial from ArtTeam member David Boyd, talking about the barbering basics and why the proper comb angle is essential for achieving a clean fade.

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