How-to Clean And Sanitize Your Professional Styling Tools

These are our recommendations for maintaining a clean and healthy environment while preserving the longevity of your tools. This is not based on any U.S. State sanitation rules so please check with your individual state requirements to be in accordance with State Board Licensure regulations.

Clean tools are crucial for optimal performance, but even more importantly, it can help prevent infection when accidents occur.

Tools such as professional razors and professional shears can accidentally penetrate skin and cause infection. Cleaning tools reduces the risk for both clients and stylists.

Brushes: Remove Hair, Clean and Sanitize Everyday

Use a brush cleaner designed with hard, wide-spaced, angled teeth on one end and longer bristles or wire on the other end. Try the Sam Villa Brush Cleaner.

  1. Use the wide toothed end of the cleaning brush to rake through each row of bristles and pull up and out to remove tangled knots and hair at the base of the brush.
  2. Use the denser longer bristled end of the cleaning brush and Redken Hair Cleansing Cream to help cleanse away styling aid residue.
  3. Store in dry sanitizer to maintain the fine wood finish of the brushes, do not soak in harsh liquid sanitizers.

Combs: Clean and Sanitize Everyday

Note: Combs do not need to be left in liquid sanitizer overnight, it can actually breakdown the materials some combs are made from.

  1. Use the denser longer bristled end of the cleaning brush (or even a toothbrush) and Redken Hair Cleaning Cream to wash away styling aid residue.
  2. Soak in liquid sanitizer for no longer than 10 minutes.

Shears: Clean and Oil Everyday

  1. Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to remove styling aid residue - minding the edges of the blade to avoid injury.
  2. Hold shears with tips pointing down with the blades open about at a 45º, put a couple drops of shear or clipper oil at the pivot point, open and close shears and let sit over night.
  3. In the morning, hold the shears in a downward position and open and close open and close the shears.  The oil from the night before will flush out the hair that gets built up in the pivot point of the blades.
  4. Wipe blade clean.

Watch the video below on how to properly oil and clean your shear:

Razors: Clean Every Day

  1. Carefully remove the used blade and discard.
  2. Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to remove styling aid and/or cutting lotion residue from all metal parts of the razor, including finer tangs and finger holes.
  3. Carefully insert new blade.

Sam recommends using a new razor blade after every cut to ensure ease of glide through the hair.

Thermal Tools: Clean After Every Use

Iron plates are made of many different substances and it's imperative to keep them all clean for smooth, shiny hair.

Hardened styling or cutting aid residue on plates snags and pulls hair compromising it and roughening up the cuticle.

Sam Villa's professional texturizing iron has a ceramic plate that is coated with titanium.  Titanium tolerates high temperatures and helps stop corrosion, reduces friction and prevents sticking - it's desired for its durability and ease of cleaning.

Sam Villa professional flat iron has a ceramic plate that is tourmaline coated to help smooth the cuticle and promote extra shine and smoothness.

  1. Start with iron at room temperature.
  2. Use a towel moistened with water to wipe plates clean. A Q-tip may be used to get into smaller crevices.  For stubborn buildup, use rubbing alcohol and then wipe clean with a damp towel.